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Bus Routes

School Bus Expectations

The position of a school bus driver holds considerable significance, requiring individuals to navigate their responsibilities with utmost care and proficiency. In addition to ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the bus, drivers play a pivotal role in supervising the students entrusted to their care. It is imperative for drivers to foster an environment of mutual respect by imparting the values of good citizenship and upholding the established standards of conduct for all students utilizing the bus services. Through consistent demonstration of effective leadership, a bus driver can cultivate respect and cooperation from students, parents, and teachers alike.

Drivers should help support the following student expectations:

  • Keep safety in mind

  • Be on time at the bus stop 

  • Respect self, others, and property

  • Be seated promptly and remain in seat 

  • Speak quietly and use appropriate language 

  • Keep hands, arms, heads, and other objects inside the bus and to yourself 

*The school bus driver possesses the authority to assign seats strategically, prioritizing both safety and proper conduct. Seats towards the rear of the bus are designated for older grades as a priority measure in the event of an evacuation. Incidents involving particular student behaviors may lead to the potential removal of bus privileges, as documented in incident reports. Kindly be aware that buses may arrive within a window of 10 minutes earlier or later than the specified pick-up time.

For any inquiries or concerns related to transportation, kindly reach out to our Director of Finance and Operations, Nancy Konisky, at 508-869-2837 extension 1103