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Mr. Hager's Room

Greetings, and Welcome

Whether this is our first time working together or if I have been your child's partner in their high school journey for years, its good to be here!

This year I am teaching all high school academic support classes.

I have already had many of my younger high school students request to explore their beyond high school plans with me, so I am looking forward to working with them and you as we explore the wide word of possibilities in search of the best version of them we can find. 

You can find a copy of the syllabus in the documents folder, but that and much more are readily available on google classroom with classroom code xa725q6. 

Parents can e-mail to be added as a guardian to your student's gmail account, which carries through to your students other classes. 


Mrs Peterson

Posted by Matthew Hager on 8/31/2023 5:00:00 PM

We would also like to welcome to our staff this year Mrs. Peterson. 
Mrs. Peterson is coming to Tahanto with a wealth of experience and enthusiasm as she takes charge in our life skills program. She will continue with small group special education content classes, as well as Tools for Living and Coffee Club.   



By Month

Transition Documents

How to Help Students and Families with Transition Planning

How to Help Students and Families with Transition Planning


School Documents & Policies

High School Program of Studies

High School Program of Studies


Mr. Hager's Academic Support Documents

Academic Support Syllabus

Academic Support Syllabus

Midterm Study Calendar

Midterm Study Calendar

This is the midterm study calendar. It is part of the Midterm packet that counts as the midterm assignment for academic support class. We will review its use and how to complete it in class, and students can have all the assistance they ask for in completeing it. 

  • Academic Support Midterm

    This is a copy of the academic support midterm rubric and instructions. For the calendar that must be filled out, and the study strategies to be employed, see the documents on this list that correspond. 

  • Study Strategies

  • Makeup work Check list

    If your student has been out for several days, you may find it helpful to print out one of these forms. We review how to use it at the beginning of the year. There are always print-outs available in my room. 

  • After school time managment calendar

    Early in the school year, students use this tool to analyze how they budget their after school time. Some students have found this a useful tool at other times of the year, especially when starting a new job or sports season.